Media & Awards

Media coverage

M7. TECHnically Creative with María Santos, TECHnically Creative: Georgia Tech Alumni and the Arts, Facebook Live interview, January 2021.

M6. Robot swarms guided by human artists could paint colourful pictures, NewScientist, October 2020.
Tiny robots create art and other tech news stories, BBC News.
Researchers train robot swarm to serve as ‘real-life paintbrushes’, ZME Science.
In the near future, robot swarms guided by human artists coud execute paintings, Designboom.
Robots might take over this essential human form of expression, Inverse.
Robot swarms follow instructions to create art, TechXplore, Robohub, Medium, Frontiers Science News, Nanowerk News.
Tiny robots work together to paint pictures, New Atlas.
This swarm of finger-paint robots might be our lamest apocalypse yet, Input.
Scientists program robot swarms to create art, UPI.
New system helps control swarm of robots to paint a picture, AZoRobotics.
Robot swarms follow instructions to create art, Courthouse News.
Roboter-Schwarm als Pinsel-Ersatz in der Kunst (Robot Swarm as a Replacement for Brushes in Art), Heise Online.
Ein Roboterschwarm wird kreativ (A robotic swarm gets creative), Scinexx - Das Wissensmagazin.
Desarrollan enjambres de robots que podrán pintar cuadros a partir de música (Researchers develop robotic swarms which will be able to render paintings from music), La Voz de Galicia.
Sciami di robot diventano pittori (Swarms of robots become painters), Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (ANSA).
Sciami di robot guidati da artisti umani per creare composizioni pittoriche (Robotic swarms led by human artists to create pictorial compositions), Affari Italiani.

M5. From motion to emotion: The potential of robot swarms in artistic performances, TechXplore, April 2019.

M4. Gallegos en la Cima. María Santos Fernández: ”EEUU te anima a salir de lo común y me ha permitido fusionar robótica y música” (Galicians on Top. María Santos Fernández: ”USA encourages you to think outside the box and has allowed me to mix robotics and music”), Faro de Vigo, March 2018.

M3. Santos Chosen for La Caixa Fellowship, Georgia Tech ECE News, June 2017.
La violinista que investiga sobre robótica (The violinist that is also a robotics researcher), La Voz de Galicia, May 2017.
La caldense María Teresa Santos, becada por “La Caixa” (María Santos, from Caldas, receives a “La Caixa” Fellowship), Faro de Vigo, May 2017.
Una caldense ampliará estudios en EE.UU. tras lograr una beca “La Caixa” (A woman from Caldas will further her studies in the US after been awarded a “La Caixa” Fellowship), La Voz de Galicia, May 2017.

M2. Women of Robotics, Georgia Tech News Center, April 2017.

M1. Una mente prodigiosa para idear robots en Georgia (A prodigious mind to conceive robots in Georgia), La Voz de Galicia, April 2014.

Scholarships & Awards

SA4. La Caixa Scholarship for Graduate Studies in North-America, August 2017 - August 2019. Awarded by Obra Social La Caixa, July 2016.

SA3. Premio Fin de Carrera, Xunta de Galicia. Awarded to the most outstanding Industrial Engineer graduating in the academic year 2013-14 in the automonous community of Galicia, Spain, October 2015.

SA2. Premio Extraordinario Fin de Carrera, University of Vigo. Awarded to the most outstanding Industrial Engineer graduating in the academic year 2013-14 at the University of Vigo, January 2015.

SA1. Fulbright Scholarship for Graduate Studies, August 2014 - May 2016. Awarded by the Fulbright Commission in Spain, June 2013.